October: Go the Distance

Sep 19, 2010

"Precious," Shopping, and Larabars!

Let me start with yesterday.
I had my first Larabar (lemon flavored)
It was really good!

I had never seen one outside of it's wrapper before, so I was expecting something like a granola bar. Crunchy.

My braced teeth were so happy when it found out that it was actually a SOFT bar (with pieces of nuts in the middle).

I was so surprised by how good it was, considering there were only like 4 ingredients in it! Take that, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup! We don't need you! I have two more flavors that I have yet to try and I have high hopes for them! I am super excited for 'apple pie' flavor!

I have also been eating a LOT of brownies (see this post) and I recently discovered how delightful sunflower seed butter is!
My mom heard about it and picked some up. I've been putting it on toast, brownies, and making brownie sandwiches out of it.

So as you can see, I haven't really been having very nutritious breakfasts ;) But (you will probably hear me say this more than once) I think it is okay to be a little bad sometimes. So to get back on track with healthy breakfast, I think I will try another batch of overnight oats tonight. Probably will snag some ideas from Angela at Ohsheglows, but I'm sure she won't mind ;)

I also went shopping yesterday, and I bought some running shoes. I didn't have any before, so I was running in my DC's. Mom would panic every time I left the house, saying I was going to ruin my feet (and she's probably right) so I got a pair of Nikes. I'll get a picture for those soon!

I was also interested in the Nike+ thing that tracks your workouts, but it turns out (according to a Nike store employee) that you need some kind of Apple product (like an Ipod nano, Iphone, etc) to use it! Screw that, I am happy with my Droid and my PC, thank you very much.

So I will keep using my free Droid apps to keep track of my workouts :)

That is all I have really done in the past few days, besides watching the movie Precious. Has anyone else seen it? I have found that I really dislike "inspirational" movies. I don't enjoy watching movies about people who were abused, or bullied, or disabled in some way. I don't enjoy finishing a movie thinking, "Wow, the world kind of sucks," regardless of whether or not they "make it" in the end. I guess that's just me, though, because the "inspirational" movies seem to make it pretty big.

If you have seen Precious, or another similar movie: What did you think?


  1. mmm I really like Larabars! I have never tried the lemon- sounds like something I'd like!
    After not being able to afford them anymore... I had to start making my own! It's just dates, a nut (I usually use cashews or walnuts) and spices or other mixins.. sooo good with cinnamon, ginger, and a bit of chopped apple!

  2. Larabars are pretty good. My faves are the chocolate-coconut and the peanut butter cookie. After my yoga class on Saturday, I grabbed a Bear Naked bar (they make granola too). It was really good and also on the soft side.
    I like how you think Sava-a brownie sandwich sounds delish to me!
    Unfortunately, I have no device to help track my workouts and it's really getting on my nerves. I've looked into the Garmin watches but really don't have a $100 for one. Lately, I've been using the stopwatch on my cell phone, but if someone calls me while running the stopwatch stops! Grrrrrr!

  3. Homemade Larabars sound like a good idea :)
    Or homemade bars of SOME kind.

    I am pretty much in love with all foods in bar form, simply because they are so easy to eat! I can take them anywhere!

  4. I love lara bars!! You have to get your hands on some of the chocolate chip cookie dough ones. They're out of this world.

    Precious-- I couldn't make myself see it :-( It just looked like it was going to be SO hard to watch!

  5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars!
    I didn't know they made that flavor but I am for sure going to hunt some down :D