October: Go the Distance

Sep 21, 2010

Easy Peasy

I haven’t really COOKED anything in the past few days. I mean I have, but they have all been easy things, with very little prep. I have just been feeling lazy. This could be due to my recent “re-addiction” to World of Warcraft. I haven’t played much all summer but now the fire has been lit in me once again.
In related news, my headset broke, which means no voice chat for me until I get a new one. Just randomly stopped working one day :(
Now, on to what you’re REALLY interested in (I think): Food.
Recently my mother cracked open a can of pumpkin to make a smoothie. She used probably 1/16th of the can and told me to find a use for the rest of it. One use I have found for the leftover pumpkin is Ohsheglows’ Pumpkin Pie Oats. The first time I made them, I forgot the syrup, so they weren’t sweet enough! I was frustrated, and since it was a reader top rated recipe I knew I had done something wrong. So I revisited the recipe and corrected my mistake.
It was pretty awesome, and it DID taste like pumpkin pie!
I took a picture of my new running shoes (I LOVE pink).
I also discovered a few delicious things at the grocery store yesterday. One of these delicious things was a box of Thai food.
Me and Thai food have a rocky relationship. I don’t usually like Thai food, but it always LOOKS tasty, so I try it and then I think “Eh, why did I try that, I knew I didn’t like it…” I have the same problem with cheesecake (At least I did, before I stopped consuming dairy. I guess there’s still vegan ‘cheesecake’ though). However, this box of Thai food was an exception.
I wasn’t a big fan of the peanut topping (I didn’t like having ‘crunchy’ on top of my soft noodles), but the flavor was excellent. I actually grabbed two boxes of Thai food, in different flavors, but I didn’t read the ingredients thoroughly enough and discovered when I got home that the other flavor wasn’t vegan. It had anchovies in it. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Different “flavors” of foods have different ingredients!
Item number two:
Throwback mountain dew. Made with REAL sugar! No HFCS in this baby. Still not healthy, but oh so satisfying.
I saved the best for last.
Smoked Jalapeno and Garlic Hummus. It tasted SO MUCH like Nacho cheese bean dip that (even though it had “vegan” written right on the container) I had to re-read the ingredients several times to make sure there was no cheese in it. I have been chowing down on this stuff like crazy, I can’t get enough. Danielle at work also tried some and loved it so much that she went out and got some for herself that very night! I am very eager to try and make this from scratch, because the little tub was pretty spendy!
I have not done much else, but I have recipes I want to try so I have to convince myself to do some cooking before the week is up! Until next time :)
What is your favorite chip dip? Veggie dip? Dip that is good on ANYTHING?


  1. I really like Joseph's spinach and artichoke hummus. So good. You've inspired me to pick up some Thai on my Sunday grocery run. ;)

  2. love those shoes!! Pink is my favorite color :)
    And my favorite dip is salsa...followed closely by hummus- or sometimes I will combine them. I am crazy like that.
    I seriously put hummus on ANYTHING from grapes and apples to crackers and bread to veggies!

  3. @journeytobodyzen
    Spinach and Artichoke hummus sounds delightful :D Definitely looking for some of that.

    Putting it on grapes and apples does sound kinda crazy, but i can't really knock it till I try it ;)

  4. Seeing your running shoes has inspired me to pick up a better, cuter pair!! I love them.

    My favorite dip is the spinach artichoke dip at CPK. Love it with the tortilla chips they serve.

  5. PS - I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and I'm in my 30's!