October: Go the Distance

Oct 20, 2010

Magical Healing Soup

Ever since I have read The Kind Diet, I have wanted to make her Magical Healing Soup to see if it really is magical.
Unfortunately I did not have all the ingredients for it (I didn't plan on getting sick this week ;) ) So instead I made Roasted Garlic Soup from VwaV (Vegan with a Vengeance). I also roasted a squash. I don't really know what kind of squash it was because I just grabbed one off of the pile of various squashes at the grocery store, but if I had to guess I would say "Danish" squash. It was tasty. I put brown sugar on it :)

Now, about the soup...
I don't actually know if this is how it was supposed to turn out.
Because I spilled nearly all of the soup onto the kitchen floor.

I did not take heed of the "max fill line" on the food processor and then a tidal wave of veggie broth washed over the kitchen. Luckily, no lives were lost in the damage. To remedy the situation, I mopped up the mess and heated up some more broth and added that to it.
My final product was good, and I believe that it cured my sickness!
My nose is still all stuffy but I feel probably 90% better. :)

Lets hear about one of your kitchen disasters, so I can feel better about myself ;)


  1. ooh what was in your soup?!
    I have so many kitchen fails...ugh... just FYI never combine yogurt with cooked cauliflower. You WILL get sick...and then there was the time I forgot sugar in my black bean brownies...

  2. sorry to hear about your soup disaster, but i'm glad you were able to improvise and still get some healing benefits from it! i once baked a chocolate cake in a springform pan without making sure the pan was fastened together securely. the batter dripped all over the bottom of the oven and i had to scrape it off. fun times!

  3. My kitchen disasters typically involve my burning of something. In fact last week I burned a sour cream pound cake. The husband has assured me that he likes the charred taste tho. LOL

  4. Soup tidal wave disaster nicely saved! Soup is my most favourite thing ever - I could eat it all day every day.
    Happy MoFo'ing.

  5. I've slipped with the mixer and thrown chocolate cake batter everywhere, including up on the ceiling, before! Alas.

  6. I keep meaning to make something out of the Kind Diet, but I've been in the mood for heavy comfort foods since it got cold out.

    I have more than one culinary disaster in my time, but the two most recent were the Super Sonic Sunflower bars from Urban Vegan and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies from Vegan Planet. I think I botched a key lime cheesecake from VP as well, but that was edible, whereas the others were not.