October: Go the Distance

Sep 17, 2010


Danielle was feeling sick this morning, so I got to sleep until 8.
I played The Sims 3 for a while (made an inventor, and started inventing stuff)

I started to feel lazy so I decided to try and go on a jog by myself.

Here is where you need some background information. I am terrified of leaving my house alone because 2 years ago, I was chased and bitten by a dog while riding my bike. If you've never been chased by an animal, I will tell you: it is the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. Dogs are fast, people cannot usually outrun them, they've got teeth and claws, and usually have jaws strong enough to break your bones. They're killing machines. The first time, I had a small bite on my ankle, nothing too big. But I was scared of the outdoors for a while and got rid of my bike.

A year or so later I had recovered from my phobia and I had to walk home from the bus stop every time I went to my dad's house (once a week).
I was attacked by TWO small dogs, probably Lhasa Apsos if I had to guess the breed. They chased me all the way home and left me bleeding from a bite on my leg and a big fat bruise around the bite. That pretty much scarred me. I refused to walk home after that.

Today I ran half a mile before I heard a dog barking. I panicked for a second-- that noise, along with the sound of jingling dog tags or the sound of dog claws tapping on pavement, terrifies me to my very core-- before realizing that the dog in question was in a house behind a screen door. I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

It jumped through the screen and came after me, growling with it's teeth bared.

I did not sustain any injuries, luckily the dog did not venture too far from it's house, so once I got far enough away it stopped chasing and went back home. I called my mom to pick me up and I have made a decision.

I am never leaving my house alone again (except to get into my car parked in the driveway).

Back to my trusty treadmill.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with staying away from the attack dogs!

  2. That sucks :(. I don't get people and their freaking dogs that they let roam! I mean, I have a Great Dane and no way, no how has he EVER ventured into the road without me and a leash (not that he would hurt a fly because he's a big ole fat baby!). I face the same predicament when I run. About a half mile from my house there is this old farm house and the people there have 3 German Shepard mixes. Almost every time I run by that place they come out and I swear to god I think they are gonna attack me! They growl and show their teeth and sound very mean. So far I have been able to keep running and they eventually go back home, but it definitely is a stressful experience. I think that it is totally irresponsible that people let their dogs roam like that!!!!!!!!

  3. Holy cow, you're brave!
    I would never got past a house if I knew that dogs lived there.

    I don't even like going outside, for fear that an aggressive stray/escaped dog will happen to be walking by, because I have bad luck like that.