October: Go the Distance

Oct 6, 2010


I recently made a vegan version of a childhood favorite.
This time, I made a vegan version of a dish I hadn't even tried until last year.

Before I tried them, I didn't even know what they WERE.
Turns out, they are just burritos drowned in enchilada sauce.


I stumbled upon them on VegWeb, and even though I hadn't really had experience with Enchiladas, my taste buds got excited when I saw a vegan recipe for "Cheesy Bean and Cheese Enchiladas."

There was no turning back at that point.

It requires three cans of beans, and listed 'White Kidney, Black, and Pinto." I got a little creative and used black beans, pinto beans, and vegetarian refried beans.

I think the refried beans added a really nice texture to the enchilada filling!

I also have a question here:

Is there a way to make enchiladas that DOESN'T make you look like you just committed a messy murder?

In the process of rolling up my enchiladas, I got red enchilada sauce all over my hands, arms, a spoon, mom's ceramic pitcher we use to hold our kitchen utensils, and probably on the counters, sink, and floor.

I am not always known for being the most tidy or the most efficient, so there could be a simple and clean way to do this that I just don't know about (but something tells me there isn't).

I watched House while they were baking (good episode this week :) ) and when they came out they looked delicious

Yum! They sure LOOK cheesy, don't they? I cannot clearly remember the enchiladas I had as an omnivore, but if I remember correctly they were chicken enchiladas, and I would be so bold as to say that these were better!

I was going to bring the leftovers to a picnic and feed my friends, but I ended up eating them all. Whoops.
So I am still tossing around picnic food ideas.

On a side note, I was mentioned in Tina's Blog, Faith Fitness Fun! If you haven't checked her out yet, she writes about how she finds balance in her daily life, and has all kinds of inspiring posts including her 30 days of self-love series. I love her writing and visit it daily, so you can probably imagine how thrilled/thankful/excited/starstruck/surprised  I was. :)

Thanks again, Tina!

I also wanted to take a moment to say thanks to you readers. 
Without you guys, I'm just a girl who talks to herself.

 With you, I'm a girl who shares pieces of her life, thoughts, and feelings and gets new ideas, support, suggestions, and all other kinds of helpful and inspiring feedback. :D

So now I need some help.
What do people normally bring to a picnic?

I need something I can make vegan that will wow all my friends! Pasta salad is being brought by another friend, so that's out!

'Til next time!


  1. potato salad. salad. fruit salad. chicken salad. rice salad. Basically, a freakton of salads. lol. anything that can be prepped ahead of time, and preferably marinate and taste even better the next day, can be served cold or warm.

  2. I was thinking something along those lines.
    I'm not a fan of 'leafy' salads most of the time, but a rice salad sounds interesting!

  3. those look awesome! I just loooove enchiladas! Alicia Silverstone has an awesome vegan one on her blog using tempeh and refried beans- sooo good!
    Picnic food... how about veggie kabobs? I love to marinate zuke slices, onion, and bell pepper pieces in italian dressing, then skewer them and grill them!
    Or, maybe some cucumber sandwiches? The vegan cream cheese (Tofutti?!) mixed with some dil seasoning and spread on bread with cucumber slices is awesome and if you cute them into triangles they're super cute :)

  4. Enchiladas look amazing! For picnic food I always end up bringing a grain salad like mentioned above (quinoa, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, scallions, mint, olive oil and balsamic). People love it AND it's so easy :)