October: Go the Distance

Sep 15, 2010

Brownies for the win!

In case you ever wondered what ‘ftw” was on my blog name. It’s “for the win.” It’s mostly a gamer term, meant originally that the object in question would lead to success (a win). But nowadays it’s used pretty loosely to say [it] rocks! So veganism ftw = I think veganism is awesome. There’s your 1337 Speak lesson for the day (leet speak).
Yesterday I attempted to make Happy Herbivore’s Black Bean Brownies. From here.
I did not like them.
I was SO suprised, because they got such good feedback and praise! And I do not, by any means, want to put down a fellow blogger, and it is entirely possible that I messed something up in the recipe, but I thought they were the worst ones I have made yet. Though I could not taste the beans, the bananas were very prevalent and they tasted overall very mushy and wet. Like I said, I may have done something wrong. If you do happen to try these and enjoy them, let me know! :)
Today still craving chocolate, I decided to give these a shot. Nicole, from Another One Bites The Crust, told me they were the best brownies she’d ever made and gave me the link, and I am forever in her debt. They were just the right consistency, cakey but still fudgy, and they were soooo sweet and chocolaty. Everyone at work loved them (even my boss, who assumes that ‘vegan’ means you eat lettuce and carrots every day), and fought over who would get the last one that I had brought.
This picture doesn’t really do them justice…
Another thing that I did today was get braces. Again.
I feel like an awkward teenager for the second time in my life, and god knows you shouldn’t have to go through that twice!
I had them before, in middle/high school, and since then I have lost several retainers, and it was getting too pricey to keep replacing them! I asked my orthodontist if he could possibly stick a permanent retainer in there, so I don’t have to keep replacing them, and he said yes, but that it wouldn’t really be worth it since my teeth had already shifted so much. So here I am, with braces for a second time (only on my top front 8 teeth though, and only for a few months).
That being the case, my teeth hurt a LOT. Good thing I made a nice mushy sweet potato casserole! No chewing involved whatsoever :)
Well I am getting up at 6 AM once again to work out with Danielle, and its 11:11 (make a wish) so I better get to bed!
Were you awkward as a young’n or did you mature gracefully? I sure went through that awkward stage (and probably am still in it)!


  1. oh man... I was awkward until maybe 2 years ago? I'm 24 now :) I think it had a lot to do with confidence! I had braces and- horror of horrors!- a HEADGEAR when I was younger. I never wore it at school and lied to my parents about it. Then I never wore my retainer... So, my overbite has returned a little, but I am okay with that ;)

    And too bad about those brownies!! I love these black-bean ones from No Meat Athlete: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/black-bean-brownies/
    I've made them a few times and they're always great!

  2. I haven't seen No Meat Athlete before, but I like it! :)