October: Go the Distance

Oct 2, 2010

Dead Tired.

First things first:
I am sure you noticed that I redecorated. You like it?

I signed up for the October Go The Distance Challenge and I am excited! It is a challenge where you pick a distance and an exercise and try to meet your goals for October! My goal is to run/walk 50 miles throughout October. This means an average of 1.61 miles per day. So far I have been right on track. Ran 1.9 miles yesterday and the same today. I’m feeling really good about this month and recommend you check out that challenge for yourself.

I’ve been eating a lot of meals that look like this:
Simple and effortless.

If you look there, on the left, you will see some kind of white substance behind a makeshift tater-tot fence (to keep it out of the sweet potato fries). This was a dip made out of tofu. I didn’t like it, but I really just kind of threw it together based on a few online recipes. I also attempted to make pudding with the rest of the tofu, again based loosely on a few online sources but primarily my own experiment. That was disappointing as well, though it looked delicious. 

Today I took a trip to Office Max and Best Buy and bought myself: 8 new pens, speakers for my computer, ear buds to work out with, and a wireless headset. I was most excited about the headset, because I have been mute while playing World of Warcraft for a few months now. Turns out, after charging it for three hours and plugging it in, the headset was crap. When trying to talk to my online friends, I sounded like a static robot. So I’m taking it back tomorrow and going to try a good old-fashioned wired headset.


And to make my day EVEN BETTER, Work was completely slammed. I was working, hard and without any rest, all night. I know that sounds normal, working at work, but the pizza kitchen gets hectic and I really wasn’t built to be moving and on my feet for hours at a time. My knee mysteriously started hurting at the end of the night and now I am walking with a kind of limp due to the pain.

Don’t worry.

I am sure I will be fine.

Now I know how Doctor House feels ._. I hope people don’t start calling me ‘gimpy’.
‘Til next time.

Did you have a good day?


  1. I like the new background! And those tater tots look so good- haven't had those in a while!

  2. Thanks!
    I had been craving potatoes for days so I savored them like no other :D