October: Go the Distance

Oct 3, 2010

Comfort in a Casserole

This morning my knee was still hurting, so I did not want to push it and run two miles.
Breaking my knee would have been awful (or whatever the technical term for that is).

I still have 46.2 miles to go,
So I am precisely 0.99 miles behind schedule.

On the bright side, I do not notice any pain now so I will hopefully be right back on track for my Go the Distance challenge tomorrow!

On another bright side, I found a headset that works fantastically and it was $75 cheaper than the one I just returned.

  Note to self: simpler, less snazzy computer accessories are better! I don't need my headset to do a hundred 'extra' things of average (or worse) quality, I just need it to do two things VERY WELL. Play sounds in my ears and make my voice crystal clear when I speak into the Mic.

On a third and even more spectacular bright side, I made one of my old favorites for the first time today!
Green Bean Casserole.

It looks kind of soupy in this picture since I dished it up seconds after removing it from the oven (because I was incredibly impatient and just wanted to shovel the entire casserole into my hungry face hole). The rest of it, though, did thicken up into an even tastier green bean casserole. The recipe was found at Vegweb.com, here.

However, I noticed a rift in the recipe.
A little piece that just didn't quite fit together.

The ingredient list calls for minced garlic and 1/2 an onion, but the directions use the words 'garlic powder' and 'onion powder'.
I used minced garlic and 1/2 an onion and just put it into the recipe where it said powder and it turned out great. I am sure you could use the powder and get along just fine, but there are no amounts in the actual recipe, so beware! I am planning on improving this recipe and making it my own.
Perhaps with some sautéed mushrooms?

Sounds good to me!

Do you have a dish you ate as a child that you haven't tried making on your own yet? I've got tons, and I'd love to hear yours :)


  1. the casserole looks super! I love green bean casserole- I have never had a vegan version- I love vegweb recipes though so I'm totally going to try this!
    Most of the recipes I want to re-create from childhood are Indian foods and Italian food I ate when I was growing up near Chicago- YUM!

  2. Sonia: I haven't had non-vegan green bean casserole in a long time, but I didn't find this recipe to be lacking at all. I am thinking about making it for thanksgiving and basking in the compliments/surprise when I tell them it's vegan ;)

  3. That green bean casserole looks delicious! I think if you didn't tell anyone it was vegan they would never know :)