October: Go the Distance

Oct 1, 2010


I’ve been taking a lot of pictures but I haven’t found anywhere to squeeze them into a post so today I’m giving you a picture parade!
Here we go!
Do you ever just crave baked beans and jalapeno garlic hummus toast for breakfast, followed by pumpkin cookies? No? guess it’s just me then.
Veggie sushi made with brown rice that I acquired from the grocery.
Physics extra credit (I thought it looked high-tech)
More pumpkin pie overnight oats!
Noodles from “A Taste of Asia” box, steamed broccoli and vegenaise/mustard dipping sauce for my veggies :D Omnomnomnom.
I have no clue what happened to this picture.. (these are my adopted children)
Quinoa with lemon juice, spicy Creole seasoning, and garbanzo beans! (chickpeas!) Yay!
All in all, it’s been  good week. A LOT of homework (and it’s only going to get worse from here) but if that’s what it takes to prepare for a career..

(note: upon writing the above sentence, I wrote ‘tastes’ instead of ‘takes’ at first. I think it’s time for breakfast!)
(note 2: tummy just grumbled. Definitely time for breakfast)

Because of school I haven’t squished much cooking in, but I hope to change that next week, now that I have fallen into my school schedule. Wish me luck!

Any recipes that I “need” to try? Let me know! I eat nearly anything vegan, and could possibly try my hand at veganizing something (never done that before).


  1. omg I totally eat baked beans for breakfast a lot! They're so filling- esp with a tall cool glass of soymilk :)

  2. I even tried putting some on my hummus-toast (I love experimenting with toast) and it was delicious! I did that with the rest of the toast until it was gone :)

  3. My favorite thing these days is Whole Foods veggie sushi...my mouth is watering just looking at it!

    Have a great weekend!