October: Go the Distance

Sep 24, 2010

Pumpkin Day

Today was a pumpkin day.
I started it off with something inspired by this post.
I used her recipe, except I added some greens and a banana. I also replaced the vanilla protein powder with a tiny bit of vanilla extract (since I don't have protein powder. Is that something I should invest in?) and the stevia (which I also did not have) was replaced with a healthy drizzle of agave nectar. It was not bad, but I am sure it would have been more like pumpkin pie if I left out the greens ;)
I was feeling lazy again today, but I actually did a fair amount of cooking! No workout though.
I made lasagna rolls from Happy Herbivore.
They were pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of marinara sauce, but if I was I am sure I would have loved these. They tasted very similar to lasagna that I have had in my omnivore days, and I didn't even miss the cheese! And I usually always miss cheese.
Here are the cute little tykes bathing in marinara
And here’s my happy lunch! Also, I should note: I replaced the tofu with two crumbled up veggie burgers. Sometimes the thought of tofu makes me lose my appetite. No idea why, because other times it’s just fine. The smiling part of my lunch is a piece of toast with jalapeno and garlic hummus :D
After lunch, I made dessert!
I made pumpkin cookies, from a recipe I found on Ohsheglows. It was actually a donut recipe, but I don’t have a donut tin, so I made them into cookies. They were amazing! I wish I had doubled (or tripled) the recipe. I made a bunch of regular round cookies and two heart shaped ones! I didn’t get very good pictures, because I just wanted to devour them all, not stop and take photos ;)
The glaze kind of got picked off by the plastic wrap I wrapped it in, but it was still delicious.
Mom was gone for most of the day, so Sasha-dog helped me cook. By pure luck, I caught a picture of her making a silly face
Whenever people find out I have a dog, they go, “What? I thought you were afraid of dogs!”
Yes, I am. However, this dog has proven herself to be trustworthy. Though, sometimes when she’s full of beans and starts barking and running around like a crazy woman, I still get scared.
It was a pretty good day. Very lazy, despite the cooking. And the new season of Fringe started tonight! I had been looking forward to this night for months! And now after watching that adrenaline-packed first episode, I wait anxiously for next week.
Its TV show season! What’s on your must-watch list? Mine: Fringe and House (along with as much family guy as I can get my hands on).


  1. Those pumpkin cookies look awesome! Angela has such great recipes!
    Ugh I watch waaaay too much TV- on my must-watch list is Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, The Office, and Outsourced!!

  2. Looks very hearty. My kind of food.

  3. Lasagna rolls are brilliant! I always wonder what to do with the 1-2 noodles left in the box - this would certainly take care of that!

  4. @Sonia: The cookies were reallly good. I had planned on sharing them with friends, but I ended up eating them all myself :X
    Also, the office is pretty amazing! I haven't seen the other shows you listed ;P