October: Go the Distance

Sep 14, 2010

Netflix = Amazing

My family recently invested in Netflix, shortly after the closest video rental store went out of business, and I LOVE IT. Movies to my computer INSTANTLY. Its like having a whole host of illegally downloaded movies at my fingertips, except without the illegal part!

I watched Super Size Me and Four Episodes of Morgan Spurlock’s show, 30 Days. I am addicted! I think that Morgan Spurlock is a hero for doing that to his own body to show others just how bad McDonalds is for your body.

Walked with Danielle again this morning. Not as far, but it was a lot shorter and a higher percentage of it was jogging! I had granola for breakfast and then for lunch I made something delicious out of one of my favorite foods on the planet: sweet potatoes.


It was soooooo perfect. I found the recipe at Ohsheglows, along with a bajillion other recipes that just look delicious! It was like Thanksgiving in September.

I also picked something up while I was at the store today:



Cruelty-free, natural, mostly-recycled vegan toothpaste! And it’s Cinnamon Clove Flavored! Mmmm. And there are my footsies!

Dinner consisted of frozen things that I heated and/or cooked. Potstickers and Tater Tots! After watching Morgan Spurlock devour a McDonalds’ hash brown I was craving tater tots! For the dipping sauce I mixed Veganaise with Mustard, best combo EVER.

It was pretttttty tasty.




Look at all those happy little tots. Yum!

I pretty much vegged out in front of my computer screen all day, but it was nice! I haven’t really spend much of my life watching TV or movies up until now so it’s time for me to do some catching up!

What do you do on your day off?


  1. As always your food looks scrumptious!
    On my days off you could usually find me collapsed on the couch in front of Bravo watching the Rachel Zoe Project and Flipping Out...or in front of E!
    Of course...I would probably have a textbook open too :(

  2. That'll be me in about a week and a half. Taking calculus II, Computer Science II, Technical Writing and Physics this term. Sounds like fun, huh? XD

  3. I love love netflix. That's how we watch all of the HBO/Showtime shows :) I also love Morgan Spurlock for the shock value he gives to people by doing what he does to himself!