October: Go the Distance

Aug 22, 2010

Thank goodness for the public library!

So I think I officially have every vegan cookbook that the public library owns in my possession right now.
If there is one tip that I give you for becoming vegan, it is: ARM YOURSELF!
Give yourself the weapons you need to fight off self-doubt and others' nagging questions and concerns by keeping tasty recipes at hand, always, and always having something that you can prepare quickly when you don't have time to cook.

If you feel like being vegan is too hard, you will almost certainly cave in. So you need to make it easy! Keep tasty vegan snacks at hand 24/7 so you have no reason to stop by McDonalds and grab a burger.
That, and keep a picture of a cute cuddly little piggie nearby :)

Like this one that I found on photobucket!

Another tip that I cannot stress enough is PLAN AHEAD.
Pick out some recipes for the week and get EVERYTHING you need at the grocery store.
Actually, that could work for non-vegans too :). It is always good to be organized so there's no confusion while you're cooking later on.

If you're concerned about money, plan recipes which use the same ingredients and buy in bulk! For example, have a "brown rice week" or a "black bean week" and plan all your meals around the staples you buy. One bag of brown rice makes a LOT of rice!

However, make sure you keep variety in your diet! This makes it more fun, more interesting, and more nutritious!

That is all I have to say for today, once I am back home I will make sure to photograph more things that I cook to share with you!

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