October: Go the Distance

Aug 18, 2010

Busy busy busy!

I have been very busy. My stepmother has the week off and therefore has decided to pack as much activity as she possibly can into every day.

Saturday, we cleaned.
Sunday, we helped my grandmother move
Monday, we went hiking
Tuesday, we went to the zoo
and Today, finally I get a day off (or so I think).

Due to all the activity, I have mostly been eating oatmeal, fruit, and leftover pizza (without cheese and meat, of course).
However, yesterday I cooked a lovely Split-Pea Soup from a recipe I found at Adventures of a Food Slut.

When my stepmother found out I had decided to lead a vegan lifestyle, she went out and bought:
1. A bunch of fruit
2. A bag of split peas
3. A bag of pearled barley
Then she told me to cook something with them.

So I ate the fruit (Mmm. Nature's candy!) and I dumped in the pearled barley with my split pea soup.

I learned a lesson when doing this: grains will swell up and absorb all of your soup liquid!
Note to self for next time: Add less pearled barley OR Add more water!

Also, since I did promise more pictures, here are some pictures of my visit to the zoo!

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