October: Go the Distance

Aug 29, 2010

Mmmm. Cinnamon, Sugar, and Bacon.

When I first decided to go vegan, the two things I knew that I would miss the very most were cheese and bacon. It was heartbreaking to give up the two foods I loved most in the world.

But my broken heart has been mended because I have found a solution!

Sarah Kramer's BLT Brunch Casserole.

It was cheesy, bacon-flavored and had juicy tomatoes on top. Mmmm. If I graded this one a five-star scale, I'd probably give it 4.8 stars. Very very good :)
The vegan "bacon" was a little difficult to track down (ended up finding it at LifeSource) but boy, was it worth it.

If I could change anything about this dish, I would dice the tomatoes instead of slicing them. That way they can more easily mix with the rest of the casserole.

So far La Dolce Vegan has given me three good meals out of three!
I am really looking forward to tracking down her other two books, I can only imagine what kinds of delicious recipes await me in them.

On another note, these were for dessert:

Cinnamon rolls!
Everyone in the house wanted to try these.
They take a pretty long time to make (roughly four hours) but again, worth it.
They were sweet and gooey and fluffy and everything you could ever want in a cinnamon roll. The best part?
The recipe is available online.
You can find them here at a wonderful blog, VeganYumYum.

But I must warn you, you will probably have to buy another tub of Earth Balance when you are done :)

----Highlights from yesterday-----

Yesterday for lunch I tried out the first thing on my list, Artichoke heart pasta!
I personally love artichoke hearts and cannot fathom how anyone could NOT love them! Actually, scratch that. I love the whole artichoke :)
This made a really delicious dish. It gave off a greek/italian vibe.

If I do anything differently next time I make this dish, I would use smaller or fewer noodles for a better noodle-to-sauce ratio.

Finally, on a completely non-food related topic,

I found THE COOLEST LAMP EVER at a garage sale yesterday.

That is all :)


  1. grr! I have been trying to comment for a while but my internet is cutting out! Sorry if you get this more than once :)
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!!
    The cinnamon buns look amazing- I am so bad about cooking stuff like that for myself- I invariably try to make it healthy- but I don't think twice if I'm eating it at someone else's home :)
    And! Thank you for posting about public libraries! I'm often sooo hesitant to buy cookbooks because there are SO many recipes online. I have never considered checking them out from a library... FANTASTIC IDEA!!!

  2. The library is my best friend!
    I love it especially because not all cookbooks are right for all cooks.
    This way I can test them out and see which ones are real keepers :)

    I actually have a funny story about the cinnamon rolls. I cut 13 instead of 12, and ended up having to squeeze them all into the pan real tight. When they came out of the oven, most of them burst out of their spirals and it looked like they were trying to escape!
    It looked pretty comical.

    But I was able to push them back down into their rolls once they cooled. :)

    And thank you for commenting as well. I really like your blog :) Its one of the first ones I decided to follow.