October: Go the Distance

Aug 12, 2010

Sweet Potatoes!

After I rolled out of bed all groggy this morning and filled my tummy with granola and Grape Nuts, ran a mile, and took a shower, I realized I was out of leftovers again and would have to cook myself lunch.

Now, when I decided I wanted to really stick to this for good, I went down to the public library and borrowed every book about vegan living and every vegan cookbook they had. This was good for me because before going vegan I'd never cooked anything more complicated than a T.V. dinner. Okay, I made some Kraft Mac and Cheese but there were occasions where even Rice-A-Roni was above my skill level.

Anyways, in one of the books, Conveniently Vegan, by Debra Wasserman, I found a recipe for "Quinoa/Sweet Potato Patties." Not a very appealing title, but I absolutely LOVE sweet potatoes and would probably eat them with anything! All the recipes in her book used "normal" ingredients and usually are pretty simple! I am constantly surprised by how her recipes create such good, pure flavor out of so few ingredients!

The basic process for these sweet potato patties was to cook and mash sweet potatoes, cook some quinoa, and mix it all together with some cinnamon. The result was something that looked like a hamburger, but sweet enough to pass as a dessert! I topped my patties with a little Earth Balance and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. The best part? Whole grains in every bite :D

Another thought that occurred to me is that they would be perfect portable snacks! Portable snacks are always incredibly convenient for me because I work evenings, right through dinner and don't usually get to eat a meal until I get home around 10 o clock.

I'm setting myself some goals:
-Find more simple-to-prepare [Or perhaps just something I can prepare large amounts of and save] snacks for work!
-Take pictures of what I cook! Hopefully next time I'll have a nice, colorful blog post :)

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