October: Go the Distance

Oct 10, 2010

Pros and Cons

Recently I have been making an effort to reduce my impact on the world.
I do this mostly by not supporting factory farming, but I also try to recycle anything I can and whenever I replace cosmetics or cleaners I try to find something earth-friendly AND animal-friendly.

So I was brainstorming ways to take the next step and the most obvious one kind of hit me in the face:
Ride your bike to school!

Riding My Bike to School


  • Exercise is good for me.
  • Fresh air is good for me.
  • Cool morning air is usually refreshing and would be effective in waking me up before class.
  • Saves fuel and money spent on fuel.
  • I don't actually own a bike.
  • It gets cold in the winter.
  • My bags can get kind of heavy.
  • There seems to be a shortage of bike racks at my college.
  • Most importantly: The world is filled with rabid dogs waiting to taste my flesh and I am sure that the fear will consume me.
Final word: Riding my bike would be an excellent thing to do, but considering my absurd fear of getting attacked while outside, I do not think I can do it. I encourage anyone who can to try it out, though!

Using Cloth Napkins / Cleaning Rags:
  • You can fold them into cute napkin-origami shapes!
  • They are pretty, fancy, stylish, simple, whatever floats your boat.
  • Washable / reusable (this is what makes them 'green').

  • If you're like me, you won't want to get them dirty because they are so much nicer than a regular napkin!
  • You gotta buy them in the first place. I don't know if they are pricey, but it is possible that they are.
Final Word: I think they would be excellent! However, Mom (who I live with) loves regular napkins because she feels that they are more sanitary -- the germs go right into the garbage. So I will have to convince her! The key point here: they are WASHABLE.

A reusable lunch box, or better-- A bento box!
  • They come in nearly any shape, size, color, or style that you can imagine!
  • No more gross brown bags or 5 ziploc baggies per lunch. It comes with little compartments!
  • It will make you cool (note: this is not a fact. Just my opinion.;) )

  • The initial purchase cost (though I found some pretty cheap ones on Amazon).
  • You can't throw it away when you're done to free space in your purse/backpack. 

Final Word: I really want one. And I feel all giddy when I think of not using up a bazillion ziploc baggies just to take my lunch to school or work!

Also, my city/county/whoever runs the sanitation department just recently announced that we should put all our food waste in with our 'yard debris,' and renamed the bin "organic matter" or something of that nature. If you have a similar type of program in your city I recommend that you embrace it! For the planet :)

I know there are hundreds of other ways in the world to "go green." What are some of your ideas? :)


  1. I reuse ziploc bags. The husband hates it, lol. I just wash them and then pop them in the freezer so I don't have to bother with getting them 100% dry.

    I put my car in neutral every time I go downhill. Clark Howard (money guru) says it can save about 30% of your gas.

    I use a BPA free water bottle and refill it often.

    I only run my dishwasher when it is completely and absolutely overflowing with dishes.

    I buy about 90% of clothing at thrift stores.

    Most of the pictures I take in my house have are of poor quality because I only use the energy-efficient curly lightbulbs. And, if the fixture has a place for 3 bulbs, I use 1. Husband hates this too! :)

  2. Excellent. I didn't know that trick about the using neutral downhill but that sounds like a pretty good idea!
    Unfortunately my drive to school is really flat, and there's only one hill on my way to work.

    I don't really ever go anywhere else.. sooo. :P

    I think we used to use the energy efficient lightbulbs but for some reason mom got regular ones so I am going to get to the bottom of this and fix that situation ;)

  3. We don't buy Seran wrap which forces us to use tupperware for all our leftovers.

    Also, not getting lids/straws/plastic utensils when eating out saves a little too!

    I used to bike to work which I loved and it was so empowering. Unfortunately it's not possible for me to bike to school/jobs now, but hopefully will again someday!