October: Go the Distance

Sep 12, 2010

21 Dollar Challenge – Day 6

Today was another busy yard work day and I am thinking that tomorrow will be too. When I sat down to write this post I panicked for a minute because I could NOT, for the life of me, remember what I had for breakfast! After some mental struggling (and asking my mom,  who also could not remember) it finally dawned on me that I had toast for breakfast. And my leftover green monster.

I built this:


No, it is not a stylish hat for my garden box. It is a device to keep squirrels, birds, and most importantly the dog out of the vegetables that I plan on growing! I built it out of PVC pipe, Zip Ties(And string when I somehow used all 100 of the zip ties), and chicken wire. I also heard on the radio that if you string up a broken CD in your garden, lights will reflect off of it and scare skittish squirrels when they see the movement.


So I built one of those, too, for good measure. Now I’ll get on to the money stuff, which I know you all just find thrilling!



  • 2 Pieces of bread: $0.08
  • Some Tofu cream cheese, peanut butter, and jam: $0.15
  • A small Roma tomato: $0.13

Breakfast Total: $0.36

Now, lunch and dinner are tricky. I went out for lunch and ate the leftovers for dinner. However, I did not pay for lunch and if I were living on foodstamps, I would not be able to use that at a restaurant (at least in this state) so instead of just leaving it as $0.00 for my total, I’m going to look at other dishes I made and estimate lunch and dinner.

Lunch Total: $0.50

Dinner Total: $0.50

In case you’re wondering I got a veggie burrito at a Mexican restaurant, ordered without cheese or sour cream. It was covered in delicious guacamole, and I took a picture for you, but my silly phone didn’t save it I guess so  you will have to use your imagination ;)

Day 6 Total: $1.36

Money “left”: -$.60

Oops. I officially blew all my cash.


I did some research and the amount of food stamps that I would receive in a week to just feed myself in this state is actually about $44, double the amount for the challenge. I am not trying to make excuses for blowing my budget, simply stating that if the challenge was created using figures particular to my state, I would be WAY under budget :)

Just one more day! And tomorrow morning, I have the first batch of VOO (Vegan Overnight Oats) that I have EVER made. I saw this recipe and fell in love instantly. I took a tiny taste before I stuck it in the fridge and it made me even more excited. I will let you know tomorrow how it tastes!

On a final note: Tomorrow is my first day walking with my new exercisebuddy Danielle. Gotta get up at 6:00! I’m probably up too late already, so I better get to bed.

Do you have an exercise buddy? If not, what motivates you to get up and moving (assuming that you do get up and get moving ;) )


  1. that garden protector is pretty fancy! good work.

  2. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog. I love this challenge you are doing!

  3. Aww, I WISH I had an exercise buddy! Sadly, other than the days that my husband I go to the gym together (and then go our separate ways in the gym), I usually work out and run alone!

    Nice work on the garden protection box!

  4. My Gym Buddies are my life blood! I could not exist without those girls. I know that sounds extreme but it's true;)

    And squirrels and rabbits are the bane of my existence! They've eaten ALL my tomatoes this year! Grrr.

  5. Thanks everyone :) I'm honestly surprised that the 'garden protector' turned out as well as it did, I am usually not very home-improvement/building savvy so I was pretty proud :D