October: Go the Distance

Sep 11, 2010

21 Dollar Challenge – Day 5

Day five went well. Today I didn’t really cook because I was working in the yard all day. It’s kind of a mess right now, so I spent the day clearing out our raised garden boxes so I can plant vegetables in them!

I also took a few trips to Lowe’s to get some PVC pipe, chicken wire, and zip ties. With these items, I am creating something! Stay tuned!

I will post a picture once it is complete. Should be tomorrow!

So lets start with breakfast:

  • 1 cup of oatmeal: $0.35
  • Banana: $0.20

Breakfast Total: $0.55

For lunch I had leftover quinoa and sweet potato chips:

  • Quinoa: Included in yesterday’s total
  • Sweet potato chips: Included in yesterday’s total

Lunch Total: $0.00

For dinner, after all the yard work and such, I had MORE quinoa, along with peanut butter and earth balance toast. I also made a green monster (that made two servings) for work:

  • Quinoa: Included in yesterday’s total
  • Toast: $0.08
  • Peanut butter and Earth balance: $0.10

Dinner Total: $0.18

Total for Day 5: $0.73

Money left:  $0.68

Sorry about today’s short post, I’m wiped out!

How do you re-energize when you’re exhausted?

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