October: Go the Distance

Sep 7, 2010

21 Dollar Challenge – Day 1

I woke up this morning completely psyched for the challenge. I had my grocery list in hand and got up at 7 am.
Turns out my mom (who buys my food, thanks mom!) didn’t want to go grocery shopping until around ten. So I whipped up a green monster for breakfast. I made three cups’ worth, intending it to last for a few breakfasts, but I ended up drinking them in one day, with each meal.
Here is what my triple Green Monster consisted of:
  • a big handful of collard greens: estimated at $0.36
  • a leaf or two of kale: $0.05
  • a leaf or two of spinach: $0.05
  • about 3/4 cup of blueberries: estimated at $0.20
  • one banana: $0.20
  • a drizzle of agave nectar: Included in oil/spice deduction
  • water: free
So my 3-serving green monster cost: $0.86
For lunch:
09_07_10 005
Sorry, all the pretty bowls were in the dishwasher!
This is curried rice, the recipe found here. A note about the recipe: there is a LOT of spice in this recipe. Not “hot” spice, but very, very strong spice. It was delicious, and better than I expected, but next time I will use probably 1/3 of the spice, maybe less!
It included:
    • 1 cup of brown rice: $0.34
    • various spices: included in spice deduction
    • Vegetable Bouillon: $0.15
    • Olive oil: Included in oil deduction
    • A piece of toast with earth balance: $0.16
Total for lunch: $0.65
For dinner:
a DELICIOUS sandwich and my last helping of smoothie. Tomato and cream cheese is the BEST combination ever, and leafy greens only make it better. If you haven’t tried a tomato and “cream cheese” sandwich, I  recommend you go hunt down some vegan cream cheese and try it right this moment!
It had:
  • 1 Roma tomato, sliced: $0.13
  • a big shredded spinach leaf: $0.05
  • Two pieces of toasted bread: $0.12
  • a dollop of tofutti cream cheese: leftover from last week, est. at $0.10
  • Made with lots of love: Priceless.
Dinner: $0.40
Total for day 1: $1.91
That leaves me with: $13.09 and leftover curried rice!
Tomorrow I’m planning on:
Vegan French Toast Beans and Rice with Avocado! Yum! Leftover Curried Rice
Stay tuned!
Something for you to think about: What is your favorite sandwich ever?

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